"Whatever I say about Rasadhwani and Umaben will be less. I joined Rasadhwani in 1995 and that is when I started learning dance in the real sense. From Umaben, I studied the technique of dance and abhinaya in such a way that what I had always found difficult to understand became easy. Through Rasadhwani, my bond with dance became stronger. I was part of a good performing team and it was always fun performing with everyone and learning new things every day. Thank you very much for all your support!"

Payal Ghodadra, Senior student since 1995

"What ever I pursue in life, any form of art, writing, painting or anything else, my training with you will be helpful. I am so glad (retrospectively), that I had learnt dancing from you, the intellectual approach that you had taught me, I don't think any other teacher could have provided. Thanks for everything."

Dr. Jay Thumar, Senior student since 1995

"Joining Rasadhwani itself has been a great opportunity. Everything falls in its place when I am here."

Chintan Patel, Advanced-level student since 2013

"I like the fact that we are learning not only steps but theory about the dance form, and we end up knowing more about India and its culture. It is very good that we have a class where we can follow our own pace. It depends on us if we can learn more or faster. We are told about shows and other opportunities where we can learn more about the dance form."

Mariana Paisana, student, 2012-2013

"I like the individual attention in class and style of teaching. We are happy with the opportunities given to our child."

Mother of Shruti Ramanathan, student since 2010

"I like the environment of the class and I like my teachers. I am happy to have such a great opportunity to learn Bharatanatyam at Rasadhwani."

Vrushti Patel, student since 2011

"I like the attention given to the student and involvement with which classes are conducted. There has been a steady progress in which Rasadhwani had grown."

Mother of Ashritha Ramesh, student since 2009

"I have learnt classical dance before and the basic element that I used to miss then was that of freedom. The freedom to experiment - with your body, with your mode of expression. This element I found in abundance at Rasadhwani. The opportunities for me have been plenty. I have had the good fortune to perform on stage. Rasadhwani allows you to exploit your talents to the fullest and most importantly enables you to develop your unique identity."

Soumya Joshi, Advanced-level student since 2011

"The teaching methodology, regularity of classes, co-ordination between the teacher and the students is excellent."

Mother of Niyati Patel, student since 2011

"Students are taught in a very interactive and friendly way."

Mother of Oishee Chatterjee, student since 2011

"I like the friendly atmosphere between the tutor and the student, individual attention, transparent feedback by the tutor and genuine efforts put by the tutor considering the age of the student. As a parent, Rasadhwani has given us the space to express ourselves. We are invited to class to see how our children are performing. I am happy to be a part of this reputed institute."

Mother of Gayani Granthi, student since 2010

"Rasadhwani is a good institute and my daughter is happy. I am glad to be a part of Rasadhwani."

Mother of Grishma Madaliya, student since 2010

"I like the teacher-student interaction and the personal attention given in class. The confidence level of my child has increased."

Mother of Ananya Nair, student since 2011

"Dear Teacher, today's lesson that- That what does not move is the Dance, That what is not portrayed is the Painting, That what is not mentioned is the Poetry- is a profound revelation ADBHUT…"

Amrish Khammar, IGNOU student, 2013